Atsumu Miya x Hinata Shoyo

Atsumu thought he asked out Hinata years ago when he told him "One day, I'm gonna set for you", yet everyone seems to disagree. Short and Sweet.

In his last year of middle school Hinata moves to Hyougo and after losing his first volleyball match the Miya twins offer to help him improve and get into Inarizaki. (Series of Hinata improving, bonding with his teammates, and learning what it's like to be apart of a strong team.) SLOW SLOW BURN BUT WORTH IT

Hinata trys out for the MSBY Black Jackals. Short and Sweet.

Explicit College au. Atsumu calls Hinata short when meeting at Suga's party, Hinata is NOT thrilled and rivalry begins. Rivals to Lovers. (Not enemies because its not that serious ong)

Fake Dating. Canon Divergent. Actor/Idol Au. Magic. On the red carpet Atsumu misshears what a reporter asks him and he announces that Hinata is his muse, causing reports of Hinata and Atsumu to be dating. Atsumu's family seem way too happy, his crushes wedding is next week and he just really wants to show-off to Osamu, fake dating Hinata it is. SO SILLY SO CUTE.

Hinata joins the MSBY Black Jackals and becomes closer with Atsumu as road trip roommates. Short and Sweet.

Atsumu and Hinata both love someone else but always find themselves kissing eachother. When do the lines crossing from someone else to eachother? SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, SHORT AND SWEET

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