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  • all of "bottom of the world" by emily haines
  • "and the coffee is just water dressed in brown" -ani difranco: out of habit
  • "we are made to bleed and scab and heal and bleed again, and turn every scar into a joke" -ani difranco: buildings and bridges
  • "I'm going to take my time night by night, I hang my hands over your eyes to hide" -emily haines: telethon
  • "She was tracing her years with her fingers on her skin Saying why don't I begin again" -Regina Spektor: Braille
  • All of "Somedays" by Regina Spektor
  • all of "loveology" by Regina Spektor
  • Dresden Dolls: girl anachronism

"You can tell From the scars on my arms And the cracks on my hips And the dents in my car And the blisters on my lips That I'm not the carefullest of girls"

  • all of "Bad Habit" by the Dresden Dolls
  • "and you hate the silence as it fills up the room" -tracy bonham: whether you fall
  • all of "are you ten years ago" -tegan and sara
  • "I feel you in my heart and I don't even know you" - tegan and sara: nineteen
  • all of "the people who raised me" by gregory & the hawk
  • all of "i don't do crowds" by camera obscura
  • "i'm singing now because my tear ducts are too tired and my mind is disconnected but my heart is wired" ani difranco: fire door
  • "the rain stains the streets a darker black, i dress my face in stone because i can't go back" -ani difranco: she says
  • all of "looking for the holes"- ani difranco
  • all of "dilate" by ani difranco
  • ani difranco: garden of simple

"we were standing in a garden and i had a machine that made silence it just sucked up the whole opinionated din and there were no people on the payroll and there were no monkeys on our backs and i said, show me what you look like without skin"

  • ani difranco: grey

"the sky is grey the sand is grey and the ocean is grey and i feel right at home in this stunning monochrome alone in my way"

  • "so that's how you found me, rain falling around me" -ani difranco: hypnotized
  • "self evident" by ani difranco. <3
  • all of "serpentine" by ani difranco
  • all of "en gallop" by joanna newsom
  • "breathe me" by sia
  • nothing and nowhere: emily haines

"Playgrounds are graveyards and all of our scars are permanent permanent there's no placement for places i'll always love you, you're mine numb is the new high, old memories die out 'til nothing and nowhere is golden"

  • wintersleep: drunk on aluminum

"Oh my, are you the beast again? Is it the violence you like? Oh my, I feel it crawling in Gnawing, reptilian In the lost, loney night I wanna know Cut out the sickness Cut it in self defense Cut the yellowing eyes Skylines, bloody and cancerous Color the dead patches Make it white, make it white Wild eyes, I feel the teeth again Gnawing and imminent In the lost, loney night Oh my, give me the words again Paint it aluminum"

  • tegan and sara: the con

"Calm down, I'm calling you to say I'm capsized staring on the edge of safe Calm down, I'm calling back to say I'm home now, I'm coming around Coming around but nobody likes to But I really like to cry Nobody likes me maybe If I cry"

  • completely and absolutely all of wintersleep's "dead letter & the infinite yes"
  • "the city wears rain like a veil and i failed to meet her glance, just the way love and opulence sails down the back of my neck, leaves through my fingertips. everything's coming up pale, oh, i feel my body grey. i need perpetual motion, perpetual sound to keep my thoughts away. okay." -lovers: perpetual motion, perpetual sound.
  • emily haines & the soft skeleton: crowd surf off a cliff

"If you find me, hide me, I don't know where I've been When you phone me tell me everything I did If I'm sorry you lost me you'd better make it quick Cause this call costs a fortune and it's late where you live It's late where you live

Rather give the world away than wake up lonely Everywhere and every way I see you with me All the babies tucked away in their beds We're out here screaming, "The life that you thought through is gone" Can't want out, the ending outlasting the move I wake up lonely"

  • all of "the garden" by lovers

especially: "i slept next to your broken wrist and dreamt i was a vine that grew out of a lovers' kiss and wrapped around your spine. "

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