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subject: reincarnation

theme: there is a great adventure inside each of us; if we do not face controversy, we shall never be fulfilled

okay, what's it about?

  • a paranormal adventure chronicling the confusing gyrations of a teenager coming to terms with the fact her life may not be solely her own.

tell me more about this unoriginal plot.

  • without pursuing her dreams, cynthia dies a wholly unremarkable death in 1948. that should be the end of it. instead, diana is born fifty years later and makes all the same mistakes. suddenly suffering from crippling flashes of deja vu (which others attribute to her partial seizures), diana begins to look towards a different, more frightening future than the one upon which cynthia settled, one that may lead...
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  • Include a strange liquid that is important to your plot.
  • Give a character an important article of clothing.
  • Make one of your characters fall in love with the villain.
  • Give a character a sudden obsession for an entire chapter.
  • Have one of your characters keep a journal.
  • Make a character cry.
  • Have a character reveal a terrifying secret.
  • Introduce a character who only uses big words.
  • Include someone speaking a foreign language in your next chapter.
  • Include a body of water that your characters must cross.
  • Make something blow up.
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  • pick a plot
  • fill in nanowrimo wkbk
  • flesh out the back story
  • finish preliminary outline


  • mold a screen play
  • make some cover art
    • get jess to model
  • manufacture a soundtrack


  • write 1,667 words per day (∞)
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  • "One of the great joys of writing is the world you create through your senses. When you miss somebody, you miss their smell, the jacket they wore… Focus on these details, because it’s through the compilation of these things that we slowly create the imaginary worlds that become our work." - Daniel Wallace
  • "I didn’t know much about boxing... I went with a boxing friend of mine to a gym so I could smell it and see it and not just half-ass it from YouTube videos. A lot of the stuff I learned about boxing is not in my book. But it still informed my writing." - Christa Desir
  • Five Tips on Getting Started - Nathan Bransford
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mar 31 2015 +
  • a certain slant of light, laura whitcomb
  • sunshine, robin mckinley
  • the night i disappeared, julie reece deaver
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apr 1 2015 +
  • find inspiration: put your ideas to paper
  • line up your thoughts: the beginning, middle, and end
  • flesh out everyone's motivation
  • write your favorite scene first: your book won't be a masterpiece when you first read it through, and that's fine. think about it though: in an essay, you always write your introduction last. why would a book be any different?
  • don't stop: power through. a finished work of crap is better than a fourth of an artistically satisfying piece. i don't care if it's in fucking gobbledygook; you can translate it later.
  • proofread: make this manuscript your bitch
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