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purin/bunny ☆ ita ☆ she/her ☆ lvl 18

  • i am italian
    • but i’m not good at cooking, everyone knows i keep messing up with my pasta
  • i speak both italian and english
    • i learned some french back in middle school but i haven’t spoken it in 4 years so i might understand something but i probably won’t be able to properly reply to you
    • other languages will be a huge ????? to me, sorry!
  • my birthday is on 8th november
  • my mbti is INFP
    • my alignment is chaotic neutral, just in care you’re interested??
  • i uhh write, i do cosplays and sometimes i draw
    • i mostly write in italian but i’m trying my best to write in english too (psst, i have a cool writing acc just for that)
  • i’m stuck in idol hell
    • i can’t get out
      • help me, i'm poor
  • i rant and scream A LOT
jul 17 2017 ∞
nov 24 2017 +