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  • daily arashi narukami appreciation tweet,
  • lucca c&g 2017 thread,

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  • grimsley + perfection (3 dec 2016)
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  • twitter
    • writing account
      • reqs ok! i post random parts of my ffs/book, talk about them and ask advices, etc.
    • private account
      • i use this account whenever i need to vent, so req at your own risk. don't req if you’re uncomfortable with me talking about sadness/“heavy” topics that affects me. i'll probably accept your req but i must feel comfortable with you so don't get angry if you don't get accepted right away
  • instagram
  • EFP
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  • holographic things ♥
    • i like everything holo, clothings, notebooks, etc!
      • before you ask, yes, i own some holo clothes
  • makeup!
    • why you so expensive
  • boba/bubble tea
  • ensemble stars
  • iced tea
  • writing
  • stationery
    • i have a tiny collection of pencils!
  • reading
  • cosplaying
  • meeting people i know from the internet
  • DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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purin/bunny ☆ ita ☆ she/her ☆ lvl 18

  • i am italian
    • but i’m not good at cooking, everyone knows i keep messing up with my pasta
  • i speak both italian and english
    • i learned some french back in middle school but i haven’t spoken it in 4 years so i might understand something but i probably won’t be able to properly reply to you
    • other languages will be a huge ????? to me, sorry!
  • my birthday is on 8th november
  • my mbti is INFP
    • my alignment is chaotic neutral , just in care you’re interested??
  • i uhh write, i do cosplays and sometimes i draw
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☆ profile ☆

  • i usually tweet about everything
    • i get easily excited whenever my interests are involved so i spam a lot, mute me if you get bothered
  • sometimes i complain about personal stuff - it’s okay if you read those rants and wanna talk about it, support is always appreciated and talking about my problems really helps me A LOT
  • I D O L S like seriously i mostly rant about idols
  • i don't really post anything concerning my writings i usually post them here, but i sometimes post some of my drawings,,


  • i won’t follow you back if you’re a kpop account, i’m sorry but i’m not interested in k/jpop
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hello, i usually obssess over things so i might not really talk about any other stuff but if you don’t know if i like a thing or not just ask me ty

  • ensemble stars!
    • a r a s h i n a r u k a m i
      • in case you didn’t notice, yes, i’m an arashiP
      • favourite charas, in order! -- link
    • knights
      • favourite units, in order! -- link

☆ ☆ ☆

  • love live
    • μ’s ♡ umi sonoda
      • favourite charas, in order! (wip)
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