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  • i usually tweet about everything
    • i get easily excited whenever my interests are involved so i spam a lot, mute me if you get bothered
  • sometimes i complain about personal stuff - it’s okay if you read those rants and wanna talk about it, support is always appreciated and talking about my problems really helps me A LOT
  • I D O L S like seriously i mostly rant about idols
  • i don't really post anything concerning my writings i usually post them here, but i sometimes post some of my drawings,,


  • i won’t follow you back if you’re a kpop account, i’m sorry but i’m not interested in k/jpop
    • if we are already mutuals but you don’t wanna break the mutual thing for your follow numbers, i’ll mute you, sorry
  • i love talking to my mutuals so replies are ok!! appreciated!!!
    • i might reply to your tweets if you seem funny or interesting, however if replies bother you i’ll stop, just contact me!
    • if you’re not comfortable anymore with me following you/being mutuals dm me, so i’ll know i have to unfollow you (it also helps me to keep my tl clean!)
  • if i say something that you don’t like, DON’T CALL ME OUT. if you have problems with what i say, come and talk to me via dm!
    • if you call me out without saying anything to me, i’ll probably let it slide once, but not twice, i’ll unfollow you as soon as i see you’re calling me out without a good reason. i don’t like these indirect things, i want you to talk to me if there’s something wrong about what i say.
  • if you don't want to follow me anymore, feel free to softblock me

won’t follow you if:

  • if you’re a k/jpop account or a only-music account, i don’t really care for k/jpop nor taylor swift, selena gomez, etc.
  • if we don’t have any interests in common
  • if you support homophobia/transphobia/racism or you support the conservatives
    • “opinions” that disrespect other people existence aren’t opinions, you're just a dick
    • i’m always open to talk about our political views, what i don’t like are stupid conservatives that insist on telling that their ideas are right - i’m not saying that you’re wrong (eh) but we don’t share the same political orientation so we might fight because of this and i seriously don’t want it
  • seriously, why are you even following me if you don’t have anything in common with me
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