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i'm emily. i'm a pirate. means i take what i want and dont give a shit. all of my friends are pirates also. im a bum in hipster scene of tulsa (like most hipsters.) working two jobs; being selfish for money. i have a education but dont use it. but its cool i really dont care. i look like justin beiber. so i could totally win some money at club majestic if i lip sang to one of his songs. im a littl...

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elizabeth home and garden (the little things i need in my apt/house)
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  • i would climb up a tree. a very tall one.
  • howl at the moon.
  • make kylie steal little kids.
  • hope kristofferson murders ash.
  • make more than two babies with my hot wife.
  • get in a actual fight with that cuss badger.
  • get a pet goldfish and name it kristofferson.
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