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  • yen. | noct.
  • xxiii.
  • he/she/they.
  • libra
  • infp
  • idealistic
  • aroace. [aromantic & asexual]
    • 50% romo-repulsed. (i fluctuate.)
    • please do not try any romo stuff with me. i'm okay with flirting if you're aware i'm aro and we're really good pals, though.
    • (what is even flirting though I just like being nice;;)
  • suffers from social anxiety and other stuff, so talking to people can be difficult. if it ever seems like i'm ignoring you i'm usually not. i'm just that socially anxious and also suck at maintaining conversations longterm with PLENTY of people.
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oct 12 2018 +
  • your account is very NSFW, unless we're very good pals already beforehand
    • don't mind if it's nsfw humor really and you only post it a bit.
  • if you post graphic NSFW pictures. (i'm tired, fam, i've had to deal with this way too much for RP i don't need to do this on public/personal)
  • transphobic, ableist, homophobic, racist—the works.
    • and especially invalidate nonbinary folk.
  • you think whitewashing PoC is fine.
  • you erase bisexuality/pansexuality, particularly when a character already identifies as one of these
    • it's okay if it's a headcanon for a character not confirmed, though, obviously. an...
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oct 12 2018 +

(the ones in bold i have a high or medium-ish interest in. italicized means i'll always love them just not Highkey.)

  • tons of video games!!!
    • dishonored
    • final fantasy xv
    • kingdom hearts
    • overwatch
    • the witcher 3
    • mass effect
    • dragon age
    • black desert online
  • voltron: legendary defender
  • game of thrones
  • creative writing
  • anything fantasy really
  • sci-fi (occasionally)
    • great when combined with fantasy
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sep 22 2018 +
  • PLEASE tag these ones at least. If you don't, I might unfollow.
    • nsfw
    • bugs
    • butterflies/moths
    • body horror
    • eye horror
    • gore
    • trypophobia
    • suicide/suicidal thoughts
    • animal abuse
    • jumpscares
  • I might unfollow anyway if you post pics with that kind of stuff with no warning. I am a very visual person and it can really mess me up and bother me with me intrusive thoughts.
    • In other cases, I do get triggered, and I don't mean "bothered." I mean I flat out...
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oct 12 2018 +

if we are mutuals, you can ask for: PSN, Discord.

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sep 22 2018 +