• your account is very NSFW, unless we're very good pals already beforehand
    • don't mind if it's nsfw humor really and you only post it a bit.
  • if you post graphic NSFW pictures. (i'm tired, fam, i've had to deal with this way too much for RP i don't need to do this on public/personal)
  • transphobic, ableist, homophobic, racist—the works.
    • and especially invalidate nonbinary folk.
  • you think whitewashing PoC is fine.
  • you erase bisexuality/pansexuality, particularly when a character already identifies as one of these
    • it's okay if it's a headcanon for a character not confirmed, though, obviously. and "gay" can be a good umbrella term when you're unsure of everything else except the fact someone is NOT straight
  • you're against anything to do with wlw
  • fetishize mlm
  • you don't respect/make fun of aromantics + queerplatonic relationships + asexuality in particular.
    • or don't believe they're real and valid.
  • if you do nothing but hate characters and continuously bash on them even when someone gushes about a particular character you don't like that they CLEARLY do. like...really? all you want to do in life is be so negative with something someone likes every chance you can get?
  • you are a really big butthead about not letting people have their HCs and decide to police what everyone can say/do about them
    • though if a HC is harmful to others (-points to bullet with "albeist" and "transphobic" and the like-) then yeah, criticize away and @ that person with a HC like that? don't follow me.
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