Sun Sign: Aries

  • to the point and honest
  • loves physicality and excitement
  • self-oriented yet generous and loving

Moon Sign: Taurus

  • affections are strong, deep, and unwavering
  • sentimental and practical

Mars Sign: Aries

  • doesn't hold grudges; easily irritated by indirectness
  • easily impatient; no hidden agendas
  • passionate in everything

Mercury Sign: Taurus

  • quite decisive and stubborn, no nonsense
  • learns better with real-world applications and demonstrations

Venus Sign: Gemini

  • intellectually curious
  • playful and flirtatious
  • communication is key
  • requires some space or independence

Jupiter Sign: Capricorn

  • values long term achievements and responsibilities
  • position/status is very important

Ascendant Sign: Scorpio

  • powerful; either hated or loved
  • looking for complete commitment - no time for flighty people

North Node: Libra

  • tendency to be rash, impatient, and impulsive
  • in need of partnership and cooperation


  • Aries & Sagittarius: extremely similar to each other
  • Gemini & Aquarius: appreciative of each other
  • Libra: exciting, frustrating, and attractive opposites
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