• seventeen (august 25th)
  • unlisted mental issues
  • intp 3w4 virgo
  • taken by the siren system <3 feb 11, 2023
jun 3 2023 ∞
jun 3 2023 +
  • anti xenogenders and/or neopronouns
  • racist, pedophile/map, zoophile ect
  • believe fiction doesnt affect reality
  • fetishize mlm/wlw in any sort of way
  • think pronouns = gender
  • you misgender someone on purpose
  • use slurs you cant reclaim
  • anti self diagnose
  • lgbt/trans/bi/etcphobic
  • pro-shipper or anti-anti
  • whitewash or think blackwashing exists
jun 3 2023 ∞
jun 3 2023 +
  • i use and require tone tags. i am unable to read tone through text.
  • very blunt and honest, i will not be nice when you ask for criticism as i see no need to beat around the bush.
  • if you have any issues with my friends, you have issues with me.
  • i go inactive with little to no warning.
  • i do enjoy voice calls! feel free to ask any time.
jun 3 2023 ∞
jun 3 2023 +
  • ex friends, this is a given.
  • you have drama with any of my friends, leave me out of it.
  • under 15 or over 20 (unless moots.)
  • you enjoy south park, my hero academia, ensemble stars or idv (unless moots).
  • you wont make an effort to talk to me.
  • you make those weird overused genshin jokes (ex. kazuha weed, cocogoat, etc). you are weird and i do not like you!
  • you involve yourself in shipping discourse.
  • you thirst over my gatekept characters (in my face or twt timeline).
  • you think you are me in media.
  • you do not communicate with me (ex: you feel uncomfortable with something i said/do and you don't tell me and get upset).
  • i will unfriend / block as i see fit.
jun 3 2023 ∞
jun 3 2023 +
  • i keep my friend circle small. you are welcome to try and befriend me though, i like to think i am nice!
  • i block freely without warning but with reason.
  • i am a gatekeeper but i do make exceptions.
  • i make kys/slit/nsfw jokes, let me know if they make you uncomfy.
  • i lovemail my favs & friends a LOT! i care very deeply about them.
  • i heavily dislike people and interacting in general, so i refuse to text first (unless we are close)
  • i don't text first unless you are my twin or best friend. either you make the effort or expect me to unfriend / block you.
jun 3 2023 ∞
jun 3 2023 +
  • allistic / neurotypical
  • main fandom is my hero academia, ensemble stars, identity v or genshin impact
  • cishet (cisgender and heterosexual)
  • under 15 or over 20
jun 3 2023 ∞
jun 3 2023 +