• ex friends, this is a given.
  • you have drama with any of my friends, leave me out of it.
  • under 15 or over 20 (unless moots.)
  • you enjoy south park, my hero academia, ensemble stars or idv (unless moots).
  • you wont make an effort to talk to me.
  • you make those weird overused genshin jokes (ex. kazuha weed, cocogoat, etc). you are weird and i do not like you!
  • you involve yourself in shipping discourse.
  • you thirst over my gatekept characters (in my face or twt timeline).
  • you think you are me in media.
  • you do not communicate with me (ex: you feel uncomfortable with something i said/do and you don't tell me and get upset).
  • i will unfriend / block as i see fit.
jun 3 2023 ∞
jun 3 2023 +