• The Smile in the Mirror Basically Chanyeol has got a stutter and Baekhyun becomes his speech therapist. Lots of Angst and psychological stuff. NC-17
  • Tip His Tongue There had been so many things Baekhyun wanted to say to his alpha, but they were quick to die on the tip of his tongue. NC-17, wolf!AU, dysfunctional relationship.
  • Not Intended In an attempt to settle a three generation family feud, Baekhyun has to marry someone from the other family. Being the silently rebellious son that he is, he decides to ditch home two days before a formal meeting was suppose to take place...(long description) PG-13 and NC-17 chapters, arranged marriage!AU.
  • Savage, SSadistic, SSSensational Baekhyun and Chanyeol are just stupid, foul-mouthed college roommates who play way too many video games (and have sex). They might also, kind of be in love. NC-17, roommates!AU.
  • The Life and Times of Park Chanyeol No description, basically Chanyeol gets fed up with everyone and tries on new personalities. PG, slight!baekyeol, mainly chanyeol!centric.
  • In the Light, At Sunset Chanyeol has to move to the middle of nowhere, he thinks it's going to be boring as hell; until the woods call to him and he finds himself in the middle of a situation he'd never expect, even in his wildest dreams. M, angsty ;-;.
  • No One Is Born To Be Lonely Baekhyun's always wanted a dog. Chanyeol is close enough. NC-17, wolf!AU.
  • The Night Changes Park Chanyeol wasn't sent to earth just to raise an abandoned baby boy, who he had stumbled across during his daily trip to the woods. But he ends up doing it anyways. NC-17.
  • Stay No description, basically Chanyeol and Baekhyun have been separated for a while but never got divorced, Chanyeol goes to Baekhyun for divorce. PG-13/NC-17.
  • Then Came You Stranger Baekhyun who previously kissed Chanyeol randomly asks to move in with him because he’s homeless and Chanyeol relents. (My summary sounds bad it’s a great fic trust me). PG-13, romance.
  • More Than a Neighbor, Never Quite a Friend Baekhyun is Chanyeol’s neighbor, and his son’s babysitter. What none of them know is that Baekhyun is probably going to change their lives, for better or for worse. M, babysitter!AU(?).
  • Redamancy Baekhyun is traded to another pack as a token of war in the middle of his heat. NC-17, wolf!AU, mentioned mpreg.
  • Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time Baekhyun convinces Chanyeol to take viagra. It goes as well as you'd expect. NC-17, PWP, crack.
  • Utopia If there is one pet Chanyeol truly ever wanted it's a cat. As a rank Three Chanyeol knows that they are entirely out of reach for him. But after a raid in Area 6, his best friend Jongdae brings home quite a surprise for him (Summary shortened). PG-13(?), hybrid!AU.
  • Losing Touch In which Baekhyun likes to touch Chanyeol. PG, angst. PG, angst.
  • Can I Wish You Away No Description. PG-13? Angstyyyyy.
  • Opus 37 There’s another soft knock on the door that shakes Baekhyun from his thoughts, and Baekhyun thinks, suddenly horrified at himself, that this thing he has with Chanyeol most certainly is not Love. PG-13, abuse.


  • Irritable Heart Baekhyuns' working through a psychological dissorder with Suho and tries a new treatment by befriending the oddest guy on campus. College!AU, PG but with some M chapters
  • The Hero Ptereodactyl Baekhyun, a successful children's book author, keeps getting interupted by what sounds like tap dancing from upstairs and decides to take action. G, apartment!au(?)
  • how To Love chanyeol thinks it’s a good idea to sign jongdae up to a dating company, jongdae doesn’t think it’s a good idea that chanyeol’s signing him up to a dating company, and in the midst of it all, jongin runs an illicit doggie day-care centre. NC-17.


  • In the Territory of the Dragon King There are so many ghosts on this island. maybe that's why do kyungsoo has come: so his personal ghosts can get lost among them. M.
  • D Is For Dysfunctional “Maybe tell him how much you love him after you blow him next time!” NC-17, mentions of Kris & Luhan's departure.
  • Two is Better Than One Cat hybrid Kyungsoo is just starting to (finally) adjust to his new life with the person who adopted him until his owner brings home Baekhyun, an overeager dog hybrid. NC-17, hybrid!AU, heat stuff.
  • YOURS + MINE Kyungsoo visits Baekhyun, Lu Han and Jongin's sex shop to buy a gift for his friend and ends up with more than that. NC-17, sexshop!AU.
  • In Theory Kyungsoo and Baekhyun are two omegas of their pack left behind on a hunt. Coincidentally, both their heats creep up on them at this inopportune time. NC-17, A/B/O!AU.
  • Demon Dog Kyungsoo's roommate brings home a dog that turns out to be a demon. A demon who wants to take the souls of everyone Kyungsoo cares about ... and get into his pants? NC-17, demon!AU.
  • XXX and Orange Flavor Kyungsoo's life is easy until he forgets his Vaseline. Then, it becomes perfect. NC-17, A/B/O!AU.
  • Here’s a Stethoscope! Listen to Your Heart In the end, what baekhyun needed was always waiting right in front of him. PG-13, hospital!AU.
  • Do You Like Me Kyungsoo finds himself completely whipped when he realizes exactly how many feelings he has developed for his best friend. NC-17.
  • Man Seeking Man Do Kyungsoo tries to find a hook up on Craigslist - what could possibly go wrong? NC-17.
  • Apfelschorle Baekhyun likes Kyungsoo but it's not just that. NC-17, watersports.
  • Monodrama Baekhyun's life is just not one of those dramas Jongin pretends not to watch. PG-13.


  • Body Work "So if someone told you to quit, it'd be easy for you to find something else?" NC-17, performing arts college!AU.
  • Never Meant to Belong Baekhyun was crying while watching the dog in this state but Kim Jongin thought it was his masterpiece. One of the many. NC-17, extremely graphic gore and violence, non con.
  • Feral Abandoned in the forest and raised by wolves, Jongin is more animal than man when Joonmyun finds him. But Joonmyun is determined to teach him how to be a human. NC-17, kidnapping, threesome, suho/baekhyun + suho/kai + suho/kai/baekhyun.


  • I'll Work My Way Up to You Baek, I keep projecting you being scared of my dick in my dreams. I’m really insecure. Help me. – Yifan. NC-17.
  • Happily Ever After Below the Waist When baekhyun finds out the reason for his boyfriend's abstinence, hes's both surprised and relieved, but it isn't exactly what he expected. NC-17, size!kink.


  • Hello, Mr. Officer Baekhyun tries to quit smoking, Yixing doesn’t help. NC-17, check out those warnings.
  • Trial aand Error Baekhyun just wants to find his place in a pack that's falling apart. NC-17, wolf!AU, angst.


  • Habits No description; Baekhyun has an eating dissorder and Luhan helps him. R, eating dissorder, mainly Baekhyun-centric in the beginning.


  • Every Changes Baekhyun and Sehun have been friends forever. But their relationship begins to alter when they begin sharing an apartment, and Baekhyun becomes attracted to a more grown up, more assertive Sehun. PG-13, roommate!AU.
  • A Little Piece of Heaven Sehun does door-to-door sales and Baekhyun writes. It somehow works out from there. NC-17.
  • Me et Sicut Caseum How to get private tutoring lessons from the hot TA when you’re a (thirsty) genius? PG-13, kind of age switch(?)
  • When the Angels Go Home This is all because of a stupid bet. PG-13, historical!AU, mentions of past rape, slight homophobia, + chanyeol/suho.


  • The Twelve Days Baekhyun has never really liked Christmas. A secret admirer seems to want to change that. PG-13, office!AU.
  • Feral Abandoned in the forest and raised by wolves, Jongin is more animal than man when Joonmyun finds him. But Joonmyun is determined to teach him how to be a human. NC-17, kidnapping, threesome, suho/baekhyun + suho/kai + suho/kai/baekhyun.



  • A Little Taste of Vanity No description. NC-17, drabble, PWP.
  • To Catch an Incubus Minseok was tempted to include haunted by an incubus on his updated resume, right under slacker purse salesman. His future employer would hopefully appreciate it. NC-17, dubcon, demon!AU.
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