• The Smile in the Mirror Basically Chanyeol has got a stutter and Baekhyun becomes his speech therapist. Lots of Angst and psychological stuff. NC-17
  • Tip His Tongue There had been so many things Baekhyun wanted to say to his alpha, but they were quick to die on the tip of his tongue. NC-17, wolf!AU, dysfunctional relationship.
  • Not Intended In an attempt to settle a three generation family feud, Baekhyun has to marry someone from the other family. Being the silently rebellious son that he is, he decides to ditch home two days before a formal meeting was suppose to take place...(long description) PG-13 and NC-17 chapters, arranged marriage!AU.
  • Savage, SSadistic, SSSensational Baekhyun and Chanyeol are just stupid, foul-mouthed college roommates who play way too many video games (and have sex). Th...
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  • Hard Headed and Stubborn Hearted Kyungsoo likes his men like he likes his action heroes, manlier than he is. But what happens when the cute dance team captain apparently has the hots for him and the only person who will listen is Sehun? Wait, Sehun? PG-13, high school!AU.
  • You're 20/20 in My Eyes How to avoid replacing your best friend’s glasses (that you broke) because he looks hella hot without them on? PG-13, humor, fluff, roommates!AU(?)


  • Snuggle Bug Kyungsoo sleepwalks when he gets stressed out. No problem, except when his final destination ends up being the other members' beds. How awkward. PG, fluffy.
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  • Only For You Jongdae is an Omega who hates Alphas. NC-17, A/B/O!AU.
  • That May Be All I Need Chanyeol isn’t sure what to think of Jongdae’s new roommate until they bond over music. Then he can’t stop thinking about him. PG-13.


  • Who's There Chanyeol just wanted the knocking to stop. PG-13, university!AU, horror. Mainly chanyeol-centric.
  • How to Communicate with One’s (creepy)... Kyungsoo wants some romance in his life, so he decides to try and find someone on dokidoki. And he does find someone. The perfect guy. The only problem is he's kind of creepy. PG, SNS/online dating!AU.
  • Moonlight Prince Chanyeol goes on an Epic Quest to rescue a princess and find his Destiny. Except his Destiny is not a princess, and doesn’t particularly want to be rescue...
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  • He's a Tough Nut to Crack Jongin's got his eyes set on the ultimate goal, and Minseok is the only one standing in his way. NC-17, A/B/O!AU.


  • The Painter's Shell Kris has traditional parents and therefore has to choose a candidate or get an arranged marriage. PG-13, ch.8 M for noncon.
  • Stretched to the Limit Yifan is not prepared for the fact that his oh so sweet looking catboy turns out to not be sweet at all when it comes to Yifan’s friends. NC-17, catboy!AU.
  • Angel Yixing is being bullied. Wu Yifan is a bully, or so they say. PG-13, romance.


  • Iridescence Iridescence noun 1: a lustrous rainbowlike play of color caused by differential refraction of light waves (as from an oil ...
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  • Watch Us Until We Blur After his pack is merged with another pack, Jongdae struggles with the new alpha, who seems like he hates his guts. It doesn't help that Jongdae finds himself getting interested in one of the youngest wolves in the pack, Jongin. NC-17, Wolf!AU.
  • The Pros and Cons to Convenience Store R... That boy at the convenience store has a lot of audacity to insult their ramyun choices. NC-17.
  • The Suburbs Jongdae and Jongin live on opposite sides of town, but in the heat of summer they end up meeting somewhere in the middle. PG-13.


  • 'This' is Fine It's the day that everyone in the Wu household dreads...(long description). NC-17, noncon, crossdressing.


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  • Call Me Maybe Sometimes things happen. Like meeting super handsome awesome people at birthday parties. And sometimes you meet them and do really stupid shit because you're drunk. And sometimes it all turns out for the best. PG, cracky fluff.


  • Some Assembly Required Sehun gets woken up from his eternal rest, but finds that he doesn’t mind so much after meeting a pretty doll named Lu Han. PG-15(?) for mild gore and scenes of pain.
  • Seoul Underground There will be blood, and the lake will run red with cocaine-and-angel-dust on bodies like the memories of tomorrow. NC-17, so many warnings but so good- violence, drug and alcohol abuse, implied physical/sexual abuse, dubcon, attempted/successful suicide, death. Sehun/Luhan+Sehun/Kai+L...
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