• Only For You Jongdae is an Omega who hates Alphas. NC-17, A/B/O!AU.
  • That May Be All I Need Chanyeol isn’t sure what to think of Jongdae’s new roommate until they bond over music. Then he can’t stop thinking about him. PG-13.


  • Who's There Chanyeol just wanted the knocking to stop. PG-13, university!AU, horror. Mainly chanyeol-centric.
  • How to Communicate with One’s (creepy) Husband Kyungsoo wants some romance in his life, so he decides to try and find someone on dokidoki. And he does find someone. The perfect guy. The only problem is he's kind of creepy. PG, SNS/online dating!AU.
  • Moonlight Prince Chanyeol goes on an Epic Quest to rescue a princess and find his Destiny. Except his Destiny is not a princess, and doesn’t particularly want to be rescued. PG-13, fairytale!AU.
  • And Time Yet For a Hundred Decisions Chanyeol wakes up and finds himself in an alternate universe where he’s married to Kyungsoo – except that he’s never met the man before in his life, and he is absolutely, positively, 100% sure that he is straight. Until now. M, parallel universe!AU.
  • Luscinia Kyungsoo recruits Chanyeol, a hacker with a never-ending list of petty crimes— into the South Korean Intelligence Service, and trains him to become a spy. The consequences are not at all what they expect. NC-17, spy!AU.
  • Light Up My Heart Sometimes Kyungsoo wonders if he's playing music or suffering punishment for his feelings for Chanyeol. PG-13.
  • Chansoo Drabble Rec A list of connected chansoo drabbles with chanyeol having son Sehun. PG, father & son!AU.
  • When Cute Meets Cute Do Kyungsoo’s new purpose in life seems to be to distract or occupy Baekhyun’s new bodyguard when Baekhyun and Jongdae want to have sex. NC-17, top!kyungsoo.


  • The Thin Line Between Jongin’s always had people he likes best. Chanyeol’s pretty sure he’s never going to be one of those people. NC-17, canon(?).
  • Some Things Last a Long Time Jongin is always one step behind, and not everyone can wait forever. R, college!AU, slice of life.
  • Malchik Gay Music student and punk Park Chanyeol never thought he would meet his idol, hiphop dance group SKY's Kai, but one fansign changes all that and more. NC-17, tattoos?
  • Wicked Games Kai was never willing to take a chance on letting loose that secret. At least, not until Chanyeol came along... NC-17, BDSM stuff, read the warnings for more detail.


  • The Salvation of Us Kris was designed to be a genetically advanced, hybrid-animal companion. He is handsome, intelligent, has an eidetic memory and can cook anything from scratch, without a recipe. Jongin thinks Kris needs a bit of companionship. Kris begs to differ; until a certain clumsy, happy-go-lucky stray makes him think otherwise. NC-17, hybrid!AU.


  • I'm No One's Experiment... Because I Always Get Burned Used in the gambling games that the rich investors play, Chanyeol is forced to fight for his life against other turned humans like himself… but the perks of winning seem to outweigh his dark thoughts of escaping the labs through death, especially when they come in such a cute package. PG-15, mama!AU.


  • Paw At Your Heart College bros Chanlu find an abandoned puppy boy named Jongin. Jongin is needy and clingy and wants lots of group hugs. Lu Han does not want to hug Chanyeol. Well then. G, hybrid!AU.


  • K.I.S.S. Sehun's the new guy in IT, and constantly having to fix the myriad tech issues of one Park Chanyeol. Kind of annoying, but mostly fine, until Sehun actually meets Chanyeol - because he isn't at all what Sehun was expecting. M, office!au.
  • This World is Watching Me Sehun is not Chanyeol's to claim. And yet-. NC-17, A/B/O!AU.
  • You Hold Me Up and You Hold Me Down Chanyeol doesn’t know what it is that draws him to the pink haired boy in his calculus class. PG-13, homophobia.


  • Raise Your Expectations In the heat of summer, chanyeol walks in, and joonmyun starts to wake up. M.
  • PUPpy Love Chanyeol buys a program as a new way to organize his life and it comes in the form of an adorable little man that hangs out on the desktop of his computer. PG, fluffy.
  • When the Angels Go Home This is all because of a stupid bet. PG-13, historical!AU, mentions of past rape, slight homophobia, + baekhyun/sehun.


  • Grow Up Chanyeol never thinks much about Zitao. (continuation of seventy-two) NC-17, dubious concent.


  • X Marks the Spot When Chanyeol asks Xiumin to help him make Valentines chocolate, Xiumin is a bit more curious than he should be about who his friend wants to give them to. G, high school!AU.


  • One Photo Attached Jongdae sends nude pictures of himself to the wrong number. That wrong number belongs to Do Kyungsoo. PG-13.
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