• Watch Us Until We Blur After his pack is merged with another pack, Jongdae struggles with the new alpha, who seems like he hates his guts. It doesn't help that Jongdae finds himself getting interested in one of the youngest wolves in the pack, Jongin. NC-17, Wolf!AU.
  • The Pros and Cons to Convenience Store Ramyun That boy at the convenience store has a lot of audacity to insult their ramyun choices. NC-17.
  • The Suburbs Jongdae and Jongin live on opposite sides of town, but in the heat of summer they end up meeting somewhere in the middle. PG-13.


  • 'This' is Fine It's the day that everyone in the Wu household dreads...(long description). NC-17, noncon, crossdressing.


  • Rebounding Chen isn't exactly rebounding. NC-17, smut.
  • After Hours In which Yixing takes advantage of the emptiness in their office to discipline Jongdae. NC-17, BDSM type warning stuff going on.



  • The Lazy Prince Sehun is a Prince and Chen is his sassy advisor. Nearly every morning Sehun wakes up to morning wood and, as always, asks Chen to take care of it. NC-17, prince!AU, pwp.
  • Physical Changes Jongdae and Sehun are best friends who enjoy mocking the popular kids at their high school. But when Sehun comes back after spending an entire summer away from home, Jongdae realizes that his best friend has turned into one of them. M(in my opinion), homophobia, bullying.


  • I'm Your Biggest Fan Jongdae is a worldwide famous porn star and Joonmyeon is his biggest fan. NC-17.
  • Ties that Bind Jongdae has very strong feelings for Joonmyun's tie and how it should be used. NC-17, daddy!kink, fisting.
  • Home is Back at Your Messy Bachelor Pad Junmyeon's one night stand sticks around the morning after, stretching their arrangement out for two, three, even four nights. It reaches the point where Junmyeon wonders if he should give him keys to the apartment or a restraining order. NC-17, smut, angst, romance.


  • Rock Bottom Tao’s cold on the plane and chen has terrible warming tactics. NC-17, public teasing.


  • I Wanna Walk On Your Wavelength Jongdae, omega smuggler extraordinaire, stuck on a space ship with extremely hot alpha Minseok. Absolutely nothing can go wrong. Or everything can. NC-17, tentacles, A/B/O!AU, please read the rest of the warnings.


  • Operation Whoopie Cushion Kyungsoo Embraces the true spirit of April Fool's day. R, gore, violence, disturbing content. Satanic!soo.
  • Paper Mâché Trapped in a cardboard box, Kyungsoo always feels at home. Can't really remember, but PG-13 with some M chapters. (I think?)
  • Hungry Eyes Kyungsoo adores his hybrid fellow, Jongin, but he's not sure what to do when he starts courting him in the way only a pup in a rut can manage. NC-17, hybrid!AU, check out the warnings.
  • Interrobang Kyungsoo is a normal university student, Kai is a self proclaimed genius. PG-13, M chapters, I would almost call it tragedy but happy ending.
  • Despondency Kyungsoo won't feel beautiful until his ribcage is visible. M, eating dissorder.
  • Not So Secret When Kyungsoo gets tired, he becomes a but sheepish- and entirely honest. His best friend, Jongin, takes advantage of that. NC-17.
  • Le Bel Endormi Noble-born Kyungsoo finds commoner Jongin asleep in an alley and is intrigued by him. PG-13, royalty!AU.
  • Fetch! Kyungsoo is a policeman and Jongin is his police dog. Together they fight crime and get bad guys. PG-13, hybrid!AU.
  • Split Screen The story of how Kyungsoo accidentally ends up dating a pair of twins. NC-17, twins Kai/Jongin.
  • Baby, I've Got You Soon to be single parent Kyungsoo has a meltdown in the cookie isle of a supermarket and a handsome stranger with tanned skin helps him. PG-15, mpreg.
  • New Love Jongin isn't your ideal alpha unless you're Do Kyungsoo. PG-13, wolf!AU, omegaverse.
  • Tug Kyungsoo, a no-nonsense college student, meets Kai in his creative writing class. One day he comes in with braids and Kyungsoo wants to tug on them. NC-17, public sex.
  • Ain’t Nobody Gonna Love You Like I Do Kyungsoo should be happy. He should be smiling, but as he stares into the eyes of his ex-husband, he can't bring himself to feel anything other than regret. NC-17, domestic!AU, broken!kaisoo, mpreg.
  • The Beast’s Growl Every wolf is destined to meet their mate at some point in their life. Jongin didn't expect his to be his new boss. NC-17, office/wolf!AU, top!kyungsoo.
  • Heteroflexible Kyungsoo is tired of being a virgin, so much so that while on spring break he agrees to take part in an amateur porn film. When he meets his co-star, Jongin, he’s surprised to find out that the man is straight. Will he be able pull off losing his virginity while looking like a seasoned pro? NC-17, pornstar!AU.
  • Slippery When Wet Jongin needs help taking a shower and Kyungsoo discovers something interesting.NC-17, tentacles.
  • Your Arms, Like Shelter Kyungsoo’s only looking forward to one thing: leaving Seoul and his bullies behind but when his childhood best friend Jongin comes back to town, Kyungsoo has to redefine his priorities and his views on clichés. NC-17, homophobia, bullying.
  • Always By Your Side One morning, EXO wakes up and Kyungsoo is four years old. And for some reason, he keeps on clinging to Jongin. G, canon.
  • A Little Faith Jongin loved Kyungsoo more than his life that he couldn’t trust him. PG-13.
  • Hanahaki Disease For someone with a minimal amount of knowledge about flowers, Jongin becomes awfully interested in them one August day. PG-13, bullying, abuse.
  • The Wash College student by day. Exotic dancer by night. Kyungsoo has a little trouble explaining his wardrobe at his local laundromat. NC-17.
  • Set Ablaze Kyungsoo and Jongin are stepbrothers, and they absolutely detest each other. Yet they'll competitively jerk each other off under the dinner table in the evenings when their parents are too busy discussing their newfound love.


  • Safety Cage After their territory is taken over and their dominants killed, the beta pups and omegas are given a head start of three minutes to escape the border before the overtaking pack members will start the chase to hunt them down. Kyungsoo, the newest addition to the pack, knows he won't get far. M, wolf!AU.
  • Give Me All Your Poison Kyungsoo is the runt of the pack, beaten and dragged down his entire life and finding a mate is his only escape. NC-17, abuse, minor character death.


  • Howling Like the Wind In which yixing is a possesive alpha wolf and kyungsoo is his mate. NC-17, wolf!AU.
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