• Call Me Maybe Sometimes things happen. Like meeting super handsome awesome people at birthday parties. And sometimes you meet them and do really stupid shit because you're drunk. And sometimes it all turns out for the best. PG, cracky fluff.


  • Some Assembly Required Sehun gets woken up from his eternal rest, but finds that he doesn’t mind so much after meeting a pretty doll named Lu Han. PG-15(?) for mild gore and scenes of pain.
  • Seoul Underground There will be blood, and the lake will run red with cocaine-and-angel-dust on bodies like the memories of tomorrow. NC-17, so many warnings but so good- violence, drug and alcohol abuse, implied physical/sexual abuse, dubcon, attempted/successful suicide, death. Sehun/Luhan+Sehun/Kai+Luhan/Kai.
  • Caged In Luhan hears about a wolf hybrid in the basement of his school and checks it out. NC-17, wolf!AU.
  • Turned Introverted Sehun goes to a club with his best friend Jongin and meets secretive Luhan. By the time he find out his secret, it’s too late.
  • Mesmerized Sehun has been chasing after his best friend Luhan to no avail. A new alpha comes and wants Luhan, but Sehun isn't going to let that happen. NC-17, wolf!AU.


  • It's Only the Rain Luhan will make sure that Joonmyun is picked as next year's dance captain on the condition that Joonmyun becomes Luhan's boy toy for the rest of the school year. NC-17, high school!AU.


  • I Kissed Your Mouth and Back Luhan’s catboy is overeager and perpetually horny but sundays are for spoiling. NC-17, pwp, domestic/catboy!AU.


  • Together Boy meets cat hybrid. NC-17, hybrid!AU, cat heat stuff?
  • Tangled Up In Knots Lu Han's life is a good life. NC-17, A/B/O!AU.
  • I'm Sorry Luhan and Minseok fight so Min storms off and gets in trouble with some other alphas. Will Luhan forgive and come save him? NC-17, wolf!AU.
  • In Good Hands Luhan finally completes the adoption he's been working toward. PG-13, kid!Xiumin, mentions of past abuse.
  • Americano Coffee makes Lu Han feel alive. The barista who makes the coffee makes Lu Han’s life worth living. PG-13, mentions of past abuse.


  • There's Diamonds in Your Eyes Joonmyun becomes an inpatient at a psychiatric ward and meets a teenage boy that might potentially carry the secret to fixing his life. Or, at least, he has good taste in music. R, check out that bunch of trigger warnings.
  • How to Train Your Human When you know nothing about anything, you just have to make up the rules as you go. NC-17, dragon!AU, violence.


  • Finally Found Sehun has been in love from day one. It takes Zitao a little longer than that to come around. Maybe a lot longer. Maybe a couple of years. NC-17, canon!AU.


  • A Tangled Arrangement minseok is a mob boss who kills off the majority of a rival moband gets to take a "prize". he takes his rival's (can be anyone) most prize posession...(fill for this prompt, see full at fic). R, mafia!AU, noncon.
  • Obsession There’s nothing Sehun wants more than becoming a vampire. NC-17, vampire!AU.
  • I Want to Engrave Your Heart In retrospect, Sehun really shouldn't have agreed to go as Jongin's replacement for that blind date. PG-13, romance, fluff, humor.
  • I Need You to Push Me Sehun and Minseok have been dancing around each other for months, and yet Minseok still refuses to claim Sehun as his mate. Turns out he just needs a little... push. NC-17, wolf!AU, mpreg.
  • Position and Positioning Minseok didn't claw his way to the top just to babysit some silver-spooned brat who's never worked a day in his life. NC-17, age gap.


  • Make You Mine Zitao buys Suho and brings him to his palace, but that is only the beginning of the relationship between a master and his pet. NC-17, slave!AU.


  • Fake it 'Til You Make It Minseok is smitten you the handsome man who comes into his coffee shop every morning. PG-13, romance, slight angst.


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