• "then he remembered his father and his mother, and all the arms stretched out to hold him back, to save him from this city where, they said, his soul would find perdition." - james baldwin, go tell it on the mountain
  • "a most striking metamorphosis into freedom" - james baldwin
  • "the soul within me cried that all the husk of indifference to sorrow was but the crust of ice with which winter disguises life: it will melt, and reality will burgeon forth like the crocuses in the glen." - alice moore dunbar-nelson
  • "hate may destroy me, but from my brown limbs will bloom the golden buds with which we once spelled love." - alice moore dunbar-nelson
  • "perhaps the world is darker and therefore more real than we have allowed ourselves to believe." - james baldwin
  • "in the fullness of their poetry" - gabriel garcia marquez
  • "Who has empowered you, you Tetzel, to peddle round your indulgences from divine ordinations? The hairs of our heads are numbered, and the days of our lives. In thunder as in sunshine, I stand at ease in the hands of my God. False negotiator, away!" - herman melville
  • "only the lord saw the midnight tears, only He was present when one of His children, moaning and wringing hands, paced up and down the room." - james baldwin
  • "i bore a hell within me, which nothing could extinguish." - mary shelley
  • "Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful." - mary shelley
  • "our people are too poor to be too selfish with their sun" - II Francina, Edward Brathwaite
  • "we're all consequences of something" - corregidora, gayl jones
  • "death inherits death" - from aurora leigh by elizabeth barrett browning
  • "You don't break a curse. You get out of its way." - Dean in the bug episode of supernatural
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