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  • im a little boy crazy
  • i turn into a crazy person when i have to talk to my dad on the phone
  • i remember all of my dreams and i dream every night and they are absolutely ridiculous 90% of the time
  • i hate when my socks match, and i have a small stolen collection from previous boyfriends
  • i love dogs, so try not to talk shit about them plz
  • i might have small but obvious obsession with gradients
  • i've had 3 camera's stolen from me in the past year... i trust no one.
  • i have a cursed purse with the alphabet on it in impact
  • i recently started eating packets of butter from ABP, because they are free and delicious
  • i'm jealous of almost everyone for something
  • i wash my face with distilled water and use non-fluoride toothpaste because of a crazy rash i got in the winter of 2007 that took 3 months to go away
  • i'm oh-so-passive-aggressive
  • i'm shy and nervous and break social plans all the time
  • i've always wanted to live in a place with exposed brick
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