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  • "Zombidey...... anyone?"
  • "again we keep arriving at reasons why he's an immature pussy"
  • "i think he really had a chance, but then he puked in my bed"
  • "no one cares about your cellulite, everyone has flaws"
  • "i was working until 4 a.m. and you were fucking, that's the difference"
  • "i've got 2750 mg of taurine pulsing through my ass right now"
  • "i hate you, but i haven't gotten any in a week"
  • "god, we are so fucking fucked up"
  • "maybe he went camping... he better be in the freaking woods."
  • "last time i apologized for going crazy. whatever, i went crazy for a reason."
  • "i hate that font. it just tries too hard."
  • "obviously you've never smelled pheromone...
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  • Benny Mac's Portfolio that he never paid me for
  • Virginia Tech summer study abroad in Istanbul book
  • REVO/OVER museum installation cards and poster
  • Sobo branding and logo
  • Theo Jansen guest lecture poster at Virginia Tech
  • Comic book "plaid avenger" coloring for John Boyer and KLAUS
  • Creative Technologies Forum at the Inn mailer and schedule
  • Baby-Maxi logo
  • Passit Card logo
  • Vagabon logo and tshirts
  • Visions flash website
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