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  • being ashamed of where i lived in elementary school
  • third grade: i would get mrs. collier fired instead of letting her put me on trial in front of the whole class while i sobbed
  • ending my friendship with zara in middle school because i wanted to be popular
  • the hundreds of fights my mom and i have had
  • having matt bowen be my first kiss, open mouth and no tongue the most awkward moment of my life
  • taking precalculus with mr. lacowitz
  • quiting cross country my junior year
  • alienating myself from other people freshman year of college
  • spending a small fortune on scrapbooking supplies
  • let myself get out of touch with so many good friends
  • giving up on learning 3D
  • falling in love with josh
  • leaving my purse under a table in squires and having it and the camera/cash inside get stolen
  • letting TJ be co president of AIGA
  • watching "into the wild" or that movie that made me motion sick
  • working at VDS4
  • shit myself after eating bad pasta a sbarro
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