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  • more often than not i find myself wearing all american eagle, down to the underwear and jewelry
  • i was so into the filled in block letters
  • i still use gradients, shines, and image reflects
  • i drink white-chocolate lattes and blue moon
  • i have three macs
  • i have a picture frame from target in my room that i've never put my own pictures in... the beautiful black and white models watch me while i sleep
  • i watch greys anatomy, and i wish i was friends with the cast
  • i wear skinny jeans and converse shoes
  • i listen to both hot100 stations on the radio
  • i use bare minerals natural makeup
  • i ride a little red scooter
  • i feel better paying more for something than less because i think that it somehow makes the product better
  • i saw obama in roanoke and i'm voting for him
  • i read cosmo and glamour when i'm sad
  • i will only buy nikon or canon cameras
  • i buy wine based on the packaging only
oct 20 2008 ∞
oct 20 2008 +