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  • blame it on a lack of coffee... and then waste an hour getting coffee
  • check email
  • check email again just in case
  • organize files and folders on the computer
  • look through the refrigerator
  • check my horoscope, all 10 of them
  • go online even though i promised not to, then lurk the away messages
  • talk about boy problems
  • call the family (drastic measures)
  • blame it on my room and drive to campus
  • go in halfzies on pizza with jessica and pass out from food illness
  • watch grey's anatomy on DVD and scream at the characters
  • google anything
  • go shopping and spend money i don't have
  • try to read a book which always ends in me falling asleep
  • make lists
oct 19 2008 ∞
oct 19 2008 +