• Little Miss Sunshine
  • Running With Scissors
  • Nightmare Before Christmas 3D
  • American Hardcore!!!
  • Marie Antoinette (I hate that I want to see it, HATE. But everytime I see the commercial it calls to me)
  • Borat
  • For Your Consideration
  • The Departed
  • The Prestige(can wait for dvd)
oct 18 2006 ∞
apr 15 2007 +
user picture make love, not war.: Ahh I want to see Little Miss Sunshine and Borat so badly! oct 18 2006
user picture bardot: don't knock the coppolas. i heart them.
user picture Bella: I heard lil miss was amazing and Borat was funny as hell. my friend met him when he came here to the Metrion in SF as a spacial appearance for the screening of his movie! also, Marie sounds awesome, but I hate Kirsten!!!! and Nightmare = love.
user picture rich: sweeet! im down to see little miss sunshine. also, im a fan of sophia coppola but marie antoinette looks bad. i mean what gives, why does Kirsten dunst get work!!! but i'll check it out cause the music is always pretty fresh in her movies. oct 19 2006
user picture Bella: intertainment.
user picture bardot: hopefully jason schwartz will save the film. movie outing! oct 20 2006
user picture Olga: Yes homies let's go. And get food before hand!? oct 23 2006