• the venues are HUGE now
  • At least they played "Total Immortal"
  • They played "God Called In Sick Today" ... and people around me didn't know it.
  • Being hit in the eye
  • Not being able to see for 3 songs because of being hit in the eye
  • 30 min long lines to girl's bathroom
  • Using the boys bathroom
  • Not seeing any of my old AFI friends for more than a second
  • Seeing someone who looked familiar but not remembering her name or how I know her till 2 days later
  • Tiger Army
  • Nick 13!
  • New tshirts are so boy band-ish with solo pics of band mates
  • Seeing some of their friends ... but not mine hehe.
  • Scoring the SC was so rad.. dramatic but rad!
  • Missing 'the good old days'
  • The new lights/stage set up was amazing. Seriously.
  • They are still good live. Dammit.
  • Getting sucked back in after they broke my heart. Dammit!!!!
sep 13 2006 ∞
sep 13 2006 +
user picture Bella: AHH! That show was amazing. They din't play Morningstar or Days of the Phoenix. Thank God for Ever and a Day though!!! And I wanted to kill the dumb girl next to me who was like "I want them to play Miss Murder so I can leave". Also, Davey's banner din't come down :( The white outfits were cool. The snow was amazing. Did you see the chicks in tubetops who flashed? That crowd was really bad. They were swaying from side to side while no one was on the stage! damnit. The bathroom lines were not that big for me! The merch line was too big and crazy. I wrote a blog about the night: http://blog.myspace.com/wrapmeincold ah you got to go both nights! I was only there on the 9th. loved it. sep 15 2006