• Put <3's and XOXO's and such at ends of AIMs and emails with friends
  • Wear lots of pink
  • Go dancing
  • Actually like dancing
  • Bake
  • Actually do minimal cooking without the use of a microwave
  • Enjoy wine & beer
  • Hug my friends
  • Don't hate dressing up to go to dress up parties
  • Actually finish antibiotics when I'm sick
  • Appreciate sleep. And occasional "alone time".
  • Feel like I can go to a show alone if I really like the band
  • Find loud people in theaters annoying
  • Find myself not caring as much about lack of all ages venues. With age come some privileges.
  • Don't care how cheesy/bad a band/song/movie is if I like it, I like it.
jul 20 2006 ∞
jul 20 2006 +
user picture bardot: it's called growing old. aka "being cool". jul 20 2006
user picture Paul: I went by myself to see the Konks last tuesday. Does that mean I'm old now?
user picture Bella: 7 is good :) 13 is true 15 is even trueer
user picture Olga: I dunno if it's an old thing Paul. This is just for me personally. Doesn't mean everyone gets this way when they're younger. Most people do the <3's when they're in jr. high. I got into if after college. Go figure. jul 21 2006
user picture Lulu: #5 and #13 I totally agree with. Also, I like going to shows solo and i love the fact that i dont give a rats ass if people don't think my tastes in cheesy, bad stuff is cool. he he he...