• Moving. Everything about it.
  • Ticketmaster fees!!!!
  • When myspace is broken. C'mon Tom, that's why I never used Friendster yo. I'll find another site and move on!!!
  • Having no one to help with #1, and having no $ to pay some studs to do it for ya
  • When your "friends" spread false info about you
  • Friends who fall off the face of the earth (regardless of reason)
  • Lack of sleep
  • Your roommates being on your nerves before you even move in
  • Being broke
  • stress
  • Places that charge you fees without informing you of them in advance
  • People who pretend they want to hang out, but don't ever follow through
jul 28 2006 ∞
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user picture bardot: #8 - that's not a good sign. jul 28 2006
user picture Bella: I hate 3. dumb tom aug 5 2006