• Necklaces
  • Moving
  • Hoping Thrice does the OC Race for Cure again and plays a show
  • Wondering about Bamboozle Left & SF Download festival lineups
  • Checking email to see if I get to see Muse
  • Dancing
  • Lining up bands for my radio show
  • Thai food
  • Netflix (again)
  • Wishing I was going to Comic Con just so I can go to SD
  • my upcoming LA trip
  • tattoos
  • Why is MySpace broken?
  • Wondering if I missed BoySetsFire or if they never came to SF and what other stuff I miss out on when I get busy
  • Cherries and blueberries
  • Wondering if AFI will still be good at a huge venue for $35
  • Wanting new Vans
  • Making lists (like duh!)
jul 14 2006 ∞
jul 14 2006 +
user picture tisha: numbah 4!! ;) jul 14 2006
user picture Olga: Yes #4 is your fault! haha
user picture Bella: 16 is a yes!!! they are always good. I'm wondering if the crowd will be good! jul 15 2006
user picture Olga: Yeah they shall be good but something about seeing shows at bigger places.. that isn't as cool. Seeing them at Shoreline for example was not nearly as fun as Slim's. jul 17 2006
user picture Olga: I don't but I want them! jul 19 2006