• Digital Canon Elphs
  • Our fave bands toured with Dashboard Confessional
  • We didn't like that our fave bands toured with the mentioned Dashboard Confessional
  • We have 2 mutual friends from way back when
  • People think we're crazy
  • We're addicted to our phones & checking messages & email
  • We need to know who's playing Bamboozle. And Download fest.
  • We've never been to Coachella
  • Frequent trips to LA
  • We're addicted to making lists
  • We have funny/weird/crazy/awesome stories (different people think differently of them)
  • We've both been MDs
  • Bands recognize us...
  • the same dream job
  • We've been spit on .. at shows.. and we didn't exactly.. mind. *sigh*
  • we tried to learn to play the guitar
  • boys who like us confuse/scare us
  • we like boys with liprings

to be continued....

jul 19 2006 ∞
jul 19 2006 +
user picture bardot: #5- but in an endearing way, of course. jul 19 2006
user picture tisha: guitars & spit!
user picture tisha: oh oh, you forgot getting freaked out by boys
user picture tisha: hey man, matt sharp can drip on me anytime...and that sounded extremely dirty. :x
user picture Olga: hehehe. Yes it did :)
user picture Lulu: #5 & 6... woo hoo! jul 20 2006
user picture tisha: daviddddddddd! jul 25 2006