• I'm always lost. She's always good at directions
  • walking music encyclopedia
  • always up for shopping and shopping advice
  • super fun to hang out with and go dancing with!
  • awesome hostess
  • listens to me whine about boys, obsess over necklaces, or anything else really
  • educates me about DM
  • knows cool people
  • NEVER questions my NEED for something cool like a techie gadget, more shoes, jewelry, black skirts, etc. and is supportive about me getting it hehe
  • gives sewing project advice
  • knows lots of random but useful info
  • know that I'm crazy and still does all of the above
jul 21 2006 ∞
jul 21 2006 +
user picture bardot: awww. i feel special! jul 21 2006
user picture bardot: 13. cardboard box supplier.
user picture Olga: oh yeah! you come in handy!!
user picture rich: 14. has an extensive vocabulary and wields that power most generously.
user picture Lulu: 15. Is good company down at KSCU! 16. Is super awesome no matter what! jul 23 2006