• My iPod headphones (not too happy about that)
  • My "work" watch
  • My "other" watch (still tells time, but doesn't have graphics of flames anymore)
  • My printer
  • My CD player
  • My car keeps making noises
  • My car speakers don't sound good at all
  • Some sunglasses
  • My heart.. bwa ha ha.
aug 21 2006 ∞
oct 17 2006 +
user picture jenz: damn electronics! yes, even your heart ;) aug 21 2006
user picture bardot: my "work" watch is broken too!!! shopping date!
user picture Olga: Plus we need new batteries for our Fossils so we can have flames! We should go in together causing the person to think we do everything together and are "those girls". hahaha.
user picture bardot: totally.