you. for being a great leader and dealing with everything very calmly. for always showing how much you are passionate about what you do and make me laugh with your sense of humor. you. for being the most kind person I know. you're genuine!! we dont deserve this huge heart and your love for everyone and everything. you. for brightening up all my bad days. just the fact that you show up smiling i already feel good. youre the sun and everyone needs a little bit of sun to be healthy. you. for making me love someone in the most intense way. for being what i needed when i needed it. thank you for being the best person in the world and the love of my life. you. for always being so calm and on the ground. a prince. for making me laugh and make me cry with the most beautiful voice in the world. you. for being so in love with what you do and made us fall in love too. for causing me goosebumps every time I see you on stage and fill me with pride. you. for having the most unique personality I have ever seen. It makes me want to open your brain and study. Thank you for being the coolest person in the world and rejoicing with anything you say.

you for being incredibly talented and taking care of everyone. for being so sweet and kind to everyone in your own way. you. for being my biggest inspiration. you're incredible and I hope that i become a person a little like you one day. you.for being one of my favorite person in the world. for having the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. for laughing out loud at everything and filling me with love. you. for being absolutely silly. for being so talented at whatever you do. for always letting the child inside you speak louder. you. for being an angel. you treat everyone as if they were your longtime friends and that's beautiful. Thank you for welcoming everyone. I hope one day youll recognize your potential.

you. for being the most caring person in the world. for never giving up! i dont know what i would do if you had given up. thank you for being here. you. even after the ups and downs remain a positive person. for always being so determined at everything. you. for showing me that we should never give up our dreams. I cant even imagine how hard it was to go through everything that you went through. you make me very proud. you. for having the best sense of humor in the world. for making everyone happy. you do everything very well and inspire me a lot. you. for having the most beautiful voice in the world. for being the craziest person i know and for making me laugh so loud and cry a river everytime. you. for being the best human being. my favorite among all eight billion people. for dealing with everything smiling. for making me so happy that I'll never know how to put it into words. you are the love of my life deserves everything you are conquering. you. for being the funniest person in the world without even trying. for being so smart about the smallest things. you're incredible and i'm very proud. you. for being so talented at such a young age. ill never be able to describe what i feel when i see you dancing. one day youll have the world in your hands. you. for being a prince. for started p101 with a low-head and finished as the center of the ultimate performace. you grew too much. you. for being extremely intelligent. It's not every fifteen-year-old kid who produces so many songs. you have a talent from another world. you. for having followed your dreams even in another country. guy youre sixteen and speak 3 differents leanguage. youre so determined. so intelligent and amazing.

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