• DON'T fall in love.
  • NEVER do what everyone else is.
  • brush and fluoride every day.
  • don't worry about your reputation.
  • don't be friends with people that don't make you happy.
  • have goals for each year.
  • study for midterms and finals, they matter.
  • take SATs earlier than everyone else, don't take PSATs.
  • groups of friends always fail, be nice to everyone.
  • find a few things you love and stick to them.
  • have a good relationship with your siblings.
  • do something crazy every day.
  • TRY new things, even if you get in trouble, it's a good story.
  • go on adventures!
  • don't watch movies about high school.
  • go to at least one dance, sporting event, or other high school funtime.
  • respect your teachers.
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