• One rainy day whilst out shopping for groceries, I am surrounded by a growing crowd who are under the impression that I can fly.
  • It seems that a dreadful mistake has been made.
  • The local paper has printed an article about a gentleman who really does have this enviable talent, but they have put my photograph above the article.
  • I am unsure about how the newspaper came to have a picture of me, but that is the least of my worries, faced, as I am, with this heckling crowd of strangers.
  • I protest, but the crowd will give no quarteruntil I show them my incredible powers.
  • At last, I give in to them, and stand, flapping my arms and jumping as high as I can into the damp air.
  • This goes on for some time, and I become increasingly frightened that the now disenchanted crowd will attack me,believing me to be a self-promoting charlatan.
  • But in the end they straggle off, muttering.
  • Thanking my lucky stars, I rush home, too upset to continue my shopping.
  • That evening, alone,
  • I once again try to fly.
  • It proves to be a futile exercise, but addictive.
  • Night after night
  • I stand on my roof,
  • flapping my arms
  • and making small jumps on the tiles.
  • Try as I might,
  • I never manage to get airborne.
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