(from starsmending)

  • Flower: roses, wisteria, lilies, bluebells
  • Colour: dusty pink
  • Noise: grandfather clocks, birdsong, heavy rain
  • Scents: freshly baked bread, jasmine, summer rain, salty sea breezes, cut grass, cloves
  • Feeling: warm sand, soft grass, cold breezes in summer, soft kisses
  • Instrument: violin, piano
  • Season: Summer, Autumn
  • Weather: summer storms, frozen skies
  • Tea: english breakfast tea
  • Eye Colour: Hazel.
  • Clothing colour: neutral, dusty colours
  • Music: Classical, folk, indie
  • Animal: cats, fallow deer, birds, wild horses,
  • Time of day: dawn, late evening.
  • Accent: english (south-east), scottish (north)
  • Name: (Boy:) Jack, Oscar (Girl:) Madeleine, Amelia
  • Word: nightingale
  • Dessert: chocolate cake
  • Language: italian, japanese, russian
  • Book: oliver twist - charles dickens
  • Tree: horse chestnut, sycamore, lilac, blossom
  • High School Subject: English and philosophy.
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