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i work at a drycleaners

  • too hot during the summer, too cold during the winter
  • everyone rushes in around 5pm with loads of clothes
  • crazy, menopausal, or lazy, co-workers ;)
  • my boss always fidgets with the zipper on his pants when he's talking to me (or anyone)
  • i can't ever keep up
  • i've been there for 10 months and the girl who has been there for about 6 months knows how to do more that i do (they like to play favorites)
  • i usually make less than $95 a week
  • i'm always on my feet (not good for my lymphoedemic ankles)
  • i have to be there by 3:30 on weekdays (i get out of school at 3:25, which means NO BREAK IN BETWEEN)
  • my boss's wife scares me
  • annoying maintenance guy named justin is a little bit too chatty
mar 24 2009 ∞
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