dont follow me or softblock me if -

  • youre homophobic/biphobic/transphobic/nbphobic/etc
  • youre anti-ace/anti-aro or call yourself an "exclusionist" or aphobe. (message me for my reasons if you need them; my stance is that not all ace/aro people are inherently lgbt+, but the community is open to ace/aro people who want/need to belong)
  • youre a terf/radfem
  • youre a truscum/transmed
  • youre anti-pan OR anti-bi or u think pansexuality OR biesexuality arent valid
  • youre racist/anti-blm
  • you have a problem w people calling themselves queer
  • you support creating underage nsfw content or content of noncon/incest/etc. (i support survivors but i support them coping in healthy ways that dont normalise/expose other people to harmful content.)
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