• pentagon (ot10 ofc)
  • seventeen
  • i like a bunch of others but i tweet about those two the most
aug 17 2017 ∞
oct 11 2018 +

dont follow me or softblock me if -

  • youre homophobic/biphobic/transphobic/nbphobic/etc
  • youre anti-ace/anti-aro or call yourself an "exclusionist" or aphobe. (message me for my reasons if you need them; my stance is that not all ace/aro people are inherently lgbt+, but the community is open to ace/aro people who want/need to belong)
  • youre a terf/radfem
  • youre a truscum/transmed
  • youre anti-pan OR anti-bi or u think pansexuality OR biesexuality arent valid
  • youre racist/anti-blm
  • you have a problem w people calling themselves queer
  • you support creating underage nsfw content or content of noncon/incest/etc. (i support survivors but i support them coping in healthy ways that dont normalise/expos...
oct 11 2018 ∞
oct 11 2018 +

luv -

  • mingyu, minghao, seokmin, jeonghan
  • hyojong, yuto, jinho

rps -

  • svt ✔ gyuhao, soonwoo, jihan, jungyu, jeonghao, seokhan, gyuseokhao
  • svt ❌ meanie, jeongcheol, seoksoon, junhao
  • ptg ✔ yuki, wooyuki
  • ptg ❌ huidawn, jinhongseok

(note - i dont hate people who ship things i dont like; theyre just ships i personally don't enjoy and avoid content of)

aug 17 2017 ∞
oct 11 2018 +

if ur nosey

  • im a 3rd year psychology student
  • my personality type things are infp/slytherin/neutral-chaotic good
  • i have some mental health problems that can affect how often im online/active
  • i have two rats (lucy and dr. angela ziegler), two cockatiels (sunny and sammy) and a 10gal aquarium with a male giant superdelta plakat betta (romeo blue)
  • i love viddy games talk to me about ovw lore or asscreed
  • i also really like d&d + a few d&d shows (adventure zone and critrole)
oct 3 2017 ∞
oct 11 2018 +