• contact me via twitter @refois or tumblr @plaire
  • writes fic sometimes as @sheelia on ao3
  • ok with constructive criticism, but politely
  • willing to befriend anyone!! please talk to me!
  • please softblock if you unfollow

random facts:

  • currently a neuroscience major. possibly asian humanities or creative writing minor!
  • love letter writing, lmk if u wanna be penpals!
  • fandom is my hobby, so it is always an eternal struggle when irl people ask me for my hobby
  • obsessed with the soft, rose/orange sunset aesthetic, as well as the clean yet gritty feel of cities (esp tokyo!)
  • in love with trains -- not necessarily being on trains, but rather the moments of detachment and introspection one experiences from being alone
  • kumamon enthusiast
  • kit kat collector, fav flavor: raspberry
  • CATS
  • closet kpop fan
jan 28 2016 ∞
sep 4 2016 +