• contact me via twitter @refois or tumblr @plaire
  • writes fic sometimes as @sheelia on ao3
  • ok with constructive criticism, but politely
  • willing to befriend anyone!! please talk to me!
  • please softblock if you unfollow

random facts:

  • currently a neuroscience major. possibly asian humanities or creative writing minor!
  • love letter writing, lmk if u wanna be penpals!
  • fandom is my hobby, so it is always an eternal struggle when irl people ask me for my hobby
  • obsessed with the soft, rose/orange sunset aesthetic, as well as the clean yet gri...
jan 28 2016 ∞
sep 4 2016 +

currently watching

  • 91 days (SO GOOD OMG)
  • cheer danshi!!

to watch

  • natsume yuujinchou
  • all of makoto shinkai's and studio ghibli's films
  • three stories of love (dir. Ryoshuke Hashiguchi)
  • the girl who leapt through time


  • haikyuu!!
  • kuroko no basuke
  • psycho pass
  • noragami
  • gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun
  • saint onii-san
  • barakamon
  • zankyou no terror
jan 29 2016 ∞
sep 4 2016 +

in love with

  • travel writing, descriptions of scenery, TRAINS or any incorporation of public transport
  • future fic; an exploration of future progressions, character development, coming of age, overcoming insecurities
  • childhood friends to lovers, enemies to friends (to lovers)
  • sci-fi / steampunk, especially with a discussion of the social implications of new technology
  • different time periods, e.g. 1980s or 1990s.
  • dreamy / magical realism
  • bleak endings
  • mono no aware
  • use of words to build atmosphere
  • domestic
  • plotless stories with a focus on character study
jan 28 2016 ∞
sep 4 2016 +

favorite books (that awk moment when you don't read)

  • never let me go by kazuo ishiguro (for the wistful melancholy that i adore in writing, plus a hint of sci-fi)
  • kafka on the shore by haruki murakami (superb dialogue, magical realism, coming of age)
  • 1Q84 by haruki murakami (just the descriptions... the sense of ahhness)
  • delirium by lauren oliver (i remember being super into it when i was 15, engaging writing, interesting premise)
  • kitchen by banana yoshimoto (quiet, unassuming, and the beauty of her prose creeps up and hits you all at once)
  • 1984 by george orwell (well, it's a classic. and the ending hit me)
  • the unbearable lightness of being by milan kundera (a book where you think about yourself as you read, beautiful prose)

favorite music

jan 29 2016 ∞
sep 6 2016 +

in progress

  • WOW! nothing atm

things on the shelf

  • the sunrise brigade (ennofuta)
  • ukai/takeda, the struggles of being high school teachers
  • on becoming human (time of eve inspired)
  • 139.6917° yachi/kiyoko model au
  • an ode to common things

possible titles?

  • colorless green ideas sleep furiously (maybe datekou related)
  • skin in the game (benchwarmers)
  • white teeth teens (sheith)
  • goodnight moon
jan 29 2016 ∞
sep 6 2016 +


breathes heavily SHEITH


  • kozume kenma/kuroo tetsurou
  • kageyama tobio/kunimi akira
  • oikawa tooru/iwaizumi hajime
  • oikawa tooru/kageyama tobio
  • iwaizumi hajime/kageyama tobio
  • kageyama tobio/yamaguchi tadashi
  • ukai keishin/takeda ittetsu

Psycho Pass

  • kougami shinya/ginoza nobuchika
jan 28 2016 ∞
sep 4 2016 +