in love with

  • travel writing, descriptions of scenery, TRAINS or any incorporation of public transport
  • future fic; an exploration of future progressions, character development, coming of age, overcoming insecurities
  • childhood friends to lovers, enemies to friends (to lovers)
  • sci-fi / steampunk, especially with a discussion of the social implications of new technology
  • different time periods, e.g. 1980s or 1990s.
  • dreamy / magical realism
  • bleak endings
  • mono no aware
  • use of words to build atmosphere
  • domestic
  • plotless stories with a focus on character study
  • slice of life
  • always down for the college au
  • humor
  • appropriately used angst


  • non-canon mental illness
  • supernatural creatures (e.g. vampires, A/B/O crap)
  • genderswap
  • the common nopes like mpreg, abuse etc.
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