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Likes Audrey Hepburn movies, the smell of old musty books, french fries, sarcasm, traveling the world, and denial

Living in GMT+4 land

listography MESSAGES
  • lose 15 to 20 pounds!!!
  • keep a daily all-in-one journal, planner, and food calorie counter and exercise log
    • keep daily calorie count under 1200 while attaining nutrient requirements
    • exercise every day to four times a week, as medically prescribed
    • be done with homework two days before deadline
  • see the SO once a week
  • go out every two weeks
  • go to debate training at least twice a week
  • make waxing salon appointments every month to every other month
  • watch a movie at least once every three months
  • save at least P500/week
  • go to Cebu with the HS friends
  • reach the quarterfinals of the Ateneo Intervarsity in August
  • reach the semifinals of the Luzon Intervarsity in September
  • get to the grand finals at the BP debate Nationals in Cebu in October
  • get a 1.25 GWA for the semester
  • figure out a thesis topic
  • go to at least three museums
  • participate in Outbreak
  • try out Breakout
  • play beer pong with old friends
  • sleep over at a friend's house
  • go ice skating and learn to
    • skate backwards
    • do chasses
    • crossovers
    • bunny hops
    • one-foot and two-feet spins
    • waltz jumps
    • sit spins
    • spirals
  • learn to cook actual viands
  • learn to sew dresses
  • start learning to drive
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