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i'm lauren, i like it when people call me LC

i've got big dreams, and big plans
and i've got what it takes to make them reality
i've taken on a lot within the last year
gone through a whole lot that changed me
in the end it's made me stronger, made

i intend on pursuing fashion design, and am editor in chief of LRCH's yearbook staff
i don't like grudges, flared jeans, grape flavo...

jen music (100 new albums)
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travel (Ski stations)
travel (Places I have been recently)
  • when there's an overload of immaturity
  • when bad drivers interrupt my road time
  • when people are super unreliable
  • when bread molds too quickly
  • when people dress obnoxious instead of eccentric
  • when the weather forecast is way wrong
  • when my bangs won't style the right way
  • when zac efron is dubbed as the "hottest guy ever"
  • when people say "ar-kansas"
  • when bathrooms are disgusting
  • when unattractive people are concieted
  • when girls are homewreckers
  • when gum loses its flavor
  • when i cant find a pair of matching socks
  • when sleeping is hard because its too hot
  • when i'm put on illegitimate guilt trips
  • when my brother eats the last of something that i claimed
  • when tv shows go on long breaks
  • when project runway decided it was going to move to lifetime, and failed
  • when my ideas are stolen
  • when i burn cookies, toast, or chicken strips
  • when i cant go out because my room isn't clean
  • when i realize curfew is ten minutes away and i'm having a great time
  • when my dog decides my room is her personal port-a-potty
  • when my dog decides the sidewalk is her second favorite option
  • when it snows one saturday and is 80 degrees the next
  • when its humid and my hair frizzes
  • when hannah montana says "sweet niblets"
  • when i come up with a good comeback AFTER the situation is passed
  • when there is construction all over the interstate
  • when the only good thing to eat downstairs is cereal
  • when restaurants are out of the good things
  • when online stores go "out of stock" on an album on my wishlist
  • when drama students break out in musicals at inconvenient times
  • when my mom brings up my ex-boyfriend from Florida
  • when i'm blamed for something i didn't do
  • when i remember that college costs thousands of dollars
  • when the men of the family hoop and hollar about sports
  • when pizza buffets run out of cheese right before you get to it
  • when coke is the only drink option
  • when mtv comes out with a new dating reality show
  • when daylight savings time starts
  • when cds get scratches and you don't know how
  • when you forget what you were going to say
  • when i'm told to change something at the last minute
  • when hopes are thrashed
  • when you breakout right before something important
  • when you get nail polish on your finger tips
  • when skinny jeans are so skinny that you have to peel them off
  • when the wifi acts up
  • when silverwear has a taste
  • when showers refuse to spew anything but cold water
  • when caramel tastes so good, but gets so stuck in my retainer
  • when you forget to pack important things
  • when you realize you keep changing 'voice' in your lists
  • when big trucks drive up next to you and they stay steady with your speed
mar 10 2009 ∞
mar 11 2009 +