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i'm lauren, i like it when people call me LC

i've got big dreams, and big plans
and i've got what it takes to make them reality
i've taken on a lot within the last year
gone through a whole lot that changed me
in the end it's made me stronger, made

i intend on pursuing fashion design, and am editor in chief of LRCH's yearbook staff
i don't like grudges, flared jeans, grape flavo...

jen music (100 new albums)
films (to watch that I should have already)
notes (Things I'm loving this week (backdated))
travel (Ski stations)
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  • upon entering the pit there is ALWAYS a couple "gettin' some" on the stairs
  • periodically, people get jumped near that same place. You can tell if this has happend by the amount of papers scattered on the ground.
  • when you bump into someone in the hallway on accident, you get mean mugged REAL BAD.
  • using racial slurs is ONLY acceptable if you are "cool" with whoever you're referring to.
  • When it rains, the cafeteria is similiar to my vision of hell.
  • If you want to see a lazy person move quick, sound the scanner outside of a classroom. Can you say EMERGENCY?
  • you probably know more people in any given hallway than the amount that actually know you. BECAUSE WE ALL CREEP FACEBOOK.
  • profiling happens. get OVER IT.
  • upon mentioning that you attend central, the IMMEDIATE response is: HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SOMEONE GET SHOT? or HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SHOT?
  • to skip class, we go to a ghetto fabulous grocery store that sells FANTASTIC fried chicken, potato logs, and JUNGLE JUICE (please feel free to google THAT)
  • there are so many people at homecoming dances that it is INEVITABLE that someone else is PROBABLY wearing your dress, even if you don't see them.
  • in reference to "doofy," people who knew him often respond with remarks of rememberance and his transition to truck driving.
  • you dont' START trends at Central, in fact someone on the other side of the school was PROBABLY workin' it last week.
  • Everyone, knows everything, about anything, APPARENTLY.
  • It's not unusual for anyone to become racially confused
  • WHY YES, a really quirky Asian boy WILL IN FACT be homecoming king 2009.
  • it's true, our principal probably facebook creeps more than our parents. HOW AWKWARD.
  • wearing gold lame' is a right of passage.
  • its not unusual to catch a teacher napping on the floor, upon looking through the window in their door during a prep period.
  • the soap is powdered and if put into an envelope and sent to a national official it would probably instate a second anthrax scare.
  • there's pictures of it in text books all over the world--enough said.
  • at any point during any day you will probably see: a bus of tourists outside, a group of tourists in the building, or groups of kids walking through our school because of his historical significance.
  • to flush the toilet it's unsanitary to use your hands, instead you have to press the button the wall WITH YOUR FOOT.
  • the teachers lounge is off limits to students EXCEPT stealthy, hungry yearbook staff kids
  • knowing how to break out of a locked building is common knowledge for many students.
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