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I am apparently very poetic lately. I hate this one, just because I will always be uncomfortable with the topic.

How do you tell someone that you love in here

, That you are fundamentally NOT interested in going There?

Sweetheart, it’s not your gender thats the problem – It’s that you chose to want me.

Me. Me?

For the sake of a God–I–don’t–even–believe–in, why? I’m not talking Want just physically, corporeally, but mentally, emotionally.

It makes me think that your travel plans after this Should be straight to the psychiatrist.

To be cliche- Its not only you, its also a little bit of me.

After all, this isn’t the story of one boy, or one girl; Its an apology for all the would haves, could haves, should haves, The ones that I will never have.

The ones that stop to look twice, but always eventually keep on walking by. Because I’m not brave enough to stop you. Or because I know that we would just BE WRONG, so I let you drift past.

And I am beyond sorry, because I don’t know how to want you back.

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