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Just a few quotes from one Mr. Gareth Williams. Why I am in love with Tuesday and Thursday mornings!

  • "Venus is over there doing her hot little thing."
  • "You go out and buy a Hershey's bar and a box of Godiva chocolates. Which do you eat quicker? The Hershey's bar of course, because it is not as good. Horace is the Godiva chocolate."
  • "We are reading a Ferrari over here!"
  • "Latin is a BANG! BANG! exercise!".
  • "What is the opposite of freeze?"
  • "The first thing we know about Vulcan is: Cuckold".
  • "Is this writing crunchy enough for you?"
  • "I want you to be opinionated, even though you are wrong"
  • "You WILL drink cheap wine from plastic cups"
  • "What conjugation is this?" Class: "3rd?" "Wrong, its a trick question. Its a declension."
  • "Can you tell-i-us about Dellius?"
  • "How is the Horace Hospital today?" Class: "You mean the insanity ward?"
  • "Brandon is tired of being Horace'd (harassed)."
  • "Horace never banged out a poem in his life!"
  • "Thither!!!...Try using that one at lunchtime."
  • "I might even set up a...what is it called? A Twatter? A Twittum?" Class:"A Twitter?" "Yes, that one!"
  • "Sisyphus was the founder of rock and roll!"
  • "It's like in The Empire Strikes Back!!" Caroline: "Did you just make a nerd joke???" "Uhh..."
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