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Multiple system Mars; 24 biologically, 90+ strong, fictive-heavy.
light green - hosts
light blue - secret keepers / information
yellow - leaders
light red - authority / security
lavender - protector
yellow green - parent / doctor
light orange - little / youngster
purple - trauma / memory holder
orange-yellow - empath
aqua - stabilizer / healer
dark gray - non-human
light gray - other

Mars Quasar follows:
  • 36
  • he/him/his
  • bisexual
  • Taurus (May 8)
  • warm and sincere, talkative, rambles pretty much nonstop and has unfollowable trains of thought, observant, doing his best
  • a soft doe-eyed mess who says fuck a lot
  • fluent in ASL which sucks because he's missing a finger
  • likes magic tricks, snakes, movies, and arcades
  • very smart, but has cognitive connection issues
  • best friends with Eames
  • "me: *says the vaguest most incoherent shit ever* you know what i mean :/"
  • "*still uses pinky promises as a legitimate foundation of trust*"
  • "i prefer not to think before speaking. i like being just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth"
  • "*ten minute rant* i aint even mad"
  • married to the world champion of the sarcasm contest
  • (fictional introject of Harry Lockhart from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
  • signs messages with the text bubble emoji
jun 13 2019 ∞
nov 9 2019 +