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urbandictionary: a large community generally centered around "relating" to a character one way or another, also the act of doing so. essentially, after looking at a character and identifying with or as them, the definitions split.

- coping; many people kin characters to cope with their situation or illness.

- just for fun; kinning isn't that serious, so some may identify with characters for the fun of it.

  • misaki ayuzawa (kaichou wa maid sama!)
  • vanitas (vanitas no carte)
  • kazuichi souda (danganronpa 2: goodbye despair)
  • yumemi yumemite (kakegurui)
  • xingqiu (genshin impact)
  • toko fukawa (danganronpa: trigger happy havoc)
  • byakuya togami (danganronpa: trigger happy havoc)
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  • かなしみのなみにおぼれる.2003chaotic.evil
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  • alignment: chaotic. idk about good, neutral or evil.
  • archetypes: 43% spiritual / 36% creative / 21% rebel
  • type of love: philia - is the love between friends as close as siblings in strength and duration. the friendship is the strong bond existing between people who share common values, interests or activities.
  • love language: quality time - People whose love language is quality time feel the most adored when their partner actively wants to spend time with them and is always down to hang out. They particularly love when active listening, eye contact, and full presence are prioritized hallmarks in the relationship. "This love language is all about giving your undivided attention to that one special person, without the distraction of television, phone screens, or any other outside interference. They have a strong desire to ...
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