• post many videos on my yt
  • go in shows of artists i like
  • kiss the person i like first
  • drink milkshake with the person i like
  • learn to play violin and skate
  • take good care of myself
jul 24 2020 ∞
jun 26 2022 +


  • personalidade: majoritariamente introvertida
  • mbti: mediador (INFP-t) x
  • temperamento: sanguíneo-fleumático x
  • eneagrama: otimista x
  • alinhamento: caótico neutro x
  • linguagem amorosa: palavras de encorajamento x
  • disc - teste comportamental: influência x
  • tipo de amor: pragma x
  • tipo de liderança: líder instrutor x
  • tipo de produtividade: mediador x


  • horóscopo ocidental: capricórnio ♑ (signo real: ♒ aquário) x
  • horóscopo chinês: boi x
  • numerologia: 8 x
  • numerologia (nome artístico):7 x
jul 27 2020 ∞
aug 21 2021 +
  • cabelo : 2B

preto, no momento danificado por química e descolorido por dentro

  • subtons : cool - inverno puro x
  • contraste : -1
  • tom de pele : olive
  • kibbe body type : flamboyant gamine

flamboyant gamines are also like gamines, but with slightly more yang than yin. one way I’ve even heard them described is like dramatics, but small. FGs look their best when wearing a mixture of stiffer and softer fabrics, there should be slightly more stiffness than softness in an outfit, the silhouette that a FGs wears should be tomboyish, fitted, and cropped. again, high necklines are good here, and so are shorter pants, skirts, and dresses. cropped jackets and blazers, especially when paired with skinny jeans, cigarette p...

jul 24 2020 ∞
aug 12 2021 +