I’ll still accompany you even if it fails. A married couple is one unit, and we share both glory and disgrace. A thousand years after this, our names will be written together from start to finish, and I think it’s great like this. There isn’t anything better.

From head to toe, where I've touched, and where I haven't — I like all of it.

You are set up high within my heart, and no one can reach you.

With one look at you, I could wait for no one else for the rest of my life.

To have been able to meet you in three lifetime's worth of blessings.

You might as well keep hoping. If I so unfortunately die in the war, the last thing I'do before death is forgive you.

"I pray that you'll have a swift victory and return in triumph." Yan Xiaohan's hands never shook snd he smiled as always, his voice soft and even. "I hope that you will hate me all your life."

Before that i left that year, you made a wish, hoping that I would hate you all my life. Now, that wish is already useless — I don't hate you, Brother Yan. It should be my turn to make a wish next.

Yan Xiaohan's eyes lowered, watching him tenderly. It seemed like, so long as Fu Shen gave the word, he would immediately stand up to go pluck out the stars and the moon for him.

Yan Meng'gui, I can't fucking wait to hold you in my hands and cherish you like a precious treasure.

"Did you not understand what I said just now?" Fu Shen said resolutely. "It's enough for me to have you, what would I be wanting a fake reputation for?!"

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